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Looking to bring your skating rink to life?

If you want more than just the basic equipment needs, UNIVERSAL RINKS  offers  event planning services, creative design, entertainment hosting and more through its partnership affiliate.

  • What are the site requirements to install a Universal Rink package?
    Universal Rink packages need a solid, flat area to support the rink set up or construction. The ideal location is a concrete floor, or sub-floor deck, while some real ice installations may also require some type of sand box construction to support the build. Clients are encouraged to send site photos for review.
  • What is included in a Universal Rinks rink rental package?
    If you rent a rink package from Universal Rinks you can expect to receive everything you need to host a skating event activity including a skating floor, surrounding borders, a skate change area, and supply of skates, with the required maintenance equipment.
  • How long does it take to set up a rink?
    Pending weather conditions, a typical installation and/or removal process can take 3-8 hours for synthetic ice, and roller skating floors, and from 7-10 days for real ice rinks.
  • Does synthetic ice feel like skating on real ice?
    The glide is slower than real ice by approx. 15%, much like skating on a frozen pond. Novice skaters may not notice a difference. Experienced figure skaters may need time to adjust, but will generally acclimate within minutes. Because the glide is a result of the friction created from the heat of the blade, you need push a little harder, to generate and maintain glide, and with the application of the glide enhancer, the speed can be adjusted to suit the ability of the skater.
  • What are synthetic ice rinks made of?
    Synthetic rinks are made of a high density RECYCLABLE polymer, and sprayed with a non-toxic material to facilitate the glide.
  • What are the power requirements?
    Synthetic ice rinks and roller skating rinks, only require standard power to run lighting, and auxiliary equipment, while real ice rinks require at minimum; 3 phase power, 460/480 volts (208/230 volt is acceptable). Auxiliary power generators are subject to local rates.
  • Can you install a Universal Rink indoors?
    Yes, our rinks can be installed either indoors or outdoors, however real ice rinks are more suitable for outdoor locations. Synthetic ice rinks and roller rinks can be installed anywhere; rooftops, patios, auditoriums, stages etc. No power or refrigeration is required, and synthetic ice rinks will never melt.
  • Can guests bring their own skates?
    Yes, guest can bring their own skates, however we remind ice skaters participating on synthetic rinks, that the blades should be sharp, and ask that roller skaters clean their wheels.
  • Does Universal Rinks offer additional event services?
    Universal Rinks provides event equipment rentals, and is able to offer additional event services including design, entertainment and guest services through its partner companies upon request.
  • Do you offer sales and rental options?
    Yes, Universal Rinks offer sales and rental options, as well as a limited number of rent-to-own opportunities.
  • Are you Insured?
    Yes. UR is fully compliant and carries all of the necessary general liability, and workers compensation insurance required to operated in the US.
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